we advance progress toward gender equity by partnering with grassroots urban women-led organizations dedicated to improving the lives of the girls and women they serve.

We listen to


who know what they need.

WomenStrong was founded to elevate the voices of women in local communities, who know what they need, in order to thrive. We start by listening to women.

We respond to
their Needs

Women know the challenges they face. They know what they need, to build better lives. WomenStrong partners listen to women and girls so they can address their most urgent priorities: for education, health, violence prevention, and economic security and opportunity.

Educating & empowering girls

adolescent girls worldwide were out of school even before the covid pandemic.

Education is a basic building block for every girl’s future success.

The millions of out-of-school girls are at greater risk of sexual violence, child marriage, and early pregnancy, threatening their lifetime outcomes. WomenStrong partners from SAHAR Education in Afghanistan (pictured) to Women’s Justice Initiative in Guatemala empower girls, helping them gain essential advocacy and life skills. These and other partners have worked with fathers and other family members, to value girls’ education, and with teachers and schools, to disrupt harmful gender norms that imperil the future of both girls and boys.


more than
women worldwide die each day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Women worldwide are disproportionately impacted by poor health, especially poor reproductive health.

Every two minutes, a woman dies of pregnancy or childbirth-related complications. An estimated 68,000 women die every year from unsafe abortions, and millions more are injured. A crippling impediment to meeting the health needs of urban women and girls is the lack of access to accurate reproductive health information and quality affordable care. Many WomenStrong partners, including Copper Rose Zambia, Projet Jeune Leader in Madagascar, and Roots of Health in the Philippines (pictured on previous slide), break down these barriers, getting information, services, and supplies into the hands of young women and girls, along with youth-friendly, reproductive health education to empower adolescents to engage in healthy behaviors.

Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls

1 in 3

The World Health Organization calls violence against women a global health problem of pandemic proportions.

Globally, 1 in 3 women will experience physical abuse and/or sexual violence in their lifetimes, mostly by an intimate partner. And this was before the COVID pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns, which led to skyrocketing rates of domestic violence. WomenStrong partners, including The Action Foundation in Kenya (pictured), address violence through community awareness-raising activities, programs engaging males in addressing hypermasculinity and machismo, and direct services for girls, women, and survivors.

Strengthening Economic Security and Opportunity

Women’s work caring for others, if paid, would account for up to
40% of GDP

When women can earn an income and have decision-making power over their finances, they and their children do better, their families and communities are healthier, and nations thrive.

From the beginning, WomenStrong’s founding partners focused on economic empowerment for women and girls, including through group savings and loans, small enterprises, job skills training, and financial literacy programs. Now, WomenStrong has launched a cohort of grantee partners focused on collective asset-building, through training, organizing, and advocating for women’s rights, safety, and leadership in the workplace.